A Full Magic Worm Farm Review: Pros and Cons

Worms are excellent live bait, especially for catching catfish, rock bass, trout, or bluegills. We know how relaxing it is to put a worm on a hook and toss the bait a few feet off the dock! The only thing that might bother you at that point is not bringing better bait.

That’s where the Magic Worm Farm comes in handy. The kit lets you take the best healthy worms on fishing trips. The farm contains everything the worms need to grow big and healthy.

So, is the kit worth it? And should you buy it? We’ll answer all your questions in our Magic Worm Farm review! Keep on reading to find out if this kit is suitable for you.

What Is the Magic Worm Farm?

The Magic Worm Farm is a complete kit that contains everything you need to raise large, healthy worms. The farm is portable and small, so you can take it with you on your fishing trips.

Here are the contents of the Magic Worm Farm:

Magic Worm Farm Pros

Here are some of the main pros of the Magic Worm Farm:

A top view of a worm farm
  1. The Package Contains Everything You Need

One of the best things about this product is that it contains everything you need to grow your worms. This includes high-quality bedding and worm food from Magic Worm. In addition, the package itself works as a bait bucket.

  1. Great Design and Handy Size

The design of the farm is unique, as it keeps your worms healthy throughout your fishing trips. Also, the container has a handle that makes it easy to carry the kit around.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Magic Worm Farm features an internal ventilation system that helps with the aeration process of the bedding. On top of that, it comes in a handy size that can easily fit in your refrigerator for cool storage. 

Moreover, the kit has extra room to place an ice container on top of the worm bedding. That can help keep your worms cool on long fishing trips.

  1. High-Quality Materials and Contents

The bucket features a polystyrene construction, which prevents worms from eating through the container. Also, the package contains Magic Worm Bedding. It’s made from an excellent-quality sphagnum peat moss base. It can hold up to 20 times its weight in moisture.

The bedding slightly darkens the worms, making them look similar to natural fish food colors. Overall, the bedding is clean and odorless. You can add one quart of water to a pound of bedding to support 100 nightcrawlers or 100 smaller worms.

  1. Perfect for Fishing

If you go on fishing trips regularly, you know it’s a struggle to buy or dig worms every time. The kit lets you keep a good supply of fresh lively worms.

Not to mention how easy it is to carry the farm around with you. So, you won’t have to worry about running out of fresh worms on a long fishing trip.

  1. Affordable Price

Are you on a tight budget? Not to worry; the Magic Worm Farm is on the affordable side.

You won’t have to spend a lot of money on a worm farm. The kit provides you with everything you need to start growing worms for your fishing trip.

Magic Worm Farm Cons

Before buying the Magic Worm Farm, there are some cons that you need to know about. Let’s check them out.

A close-up of worms in a worms farm tray
  1. Poor-Quality Handle and Lid

One of the main cons of the Magic Worm Farm is that the lid wears out quickly. In addition, it doesn’t close tight enough, so you have to be careful while opening and closing the farm.

Also, the Magic Worm Farm handle is made of rope. Although the rope is durable, the piece that holds it in place isn’t. So, the rope might simply pop out from its place while you’re carrying it.

  1. The Box Isn’t Durable

The farm kit is made of a foam-like material that’s not durable and can easily break. You’ll need to be careful when handling it.

  1. Worms Might Escape

While the worms can’t eat through the box, they might be able to escape through the lid. 

In addition, if your box is damaged, the worms can easily find their way out of the box through cracks.

Should You Buy the Magic Worm Farm?

Although it’s not the most durable worm farm out there, it’s still a good option. If you fish regularly, you’ll find the farm particularly useful.

However, you need to be careful not to break the lid or the handle. Other than that, the farm does a great job keeping the worms healthy.

Moreover, the bedding and the worm food are of excellent quality. More importantly, it’s on the affordable side.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the dimensions of the Magic Worm Farm?

The dimensions of the farm are 12.50 x 2.55 x 25.50 inches (L x W x H). 

  1. Does the Magic Worm Farm Include worms?

No. The Magic Worm Farm doesn’t come with worms. You’ll have to buy them separately.

  1. Is the Magic Worm Farm suitable for Beginners?

Yes. The Magic Worm Farm is easy to use. So, it’s suitable for beginners.

Wrapping Up

If you find it hard to dig up or buy live bait every time you go fishing, the Magic Worm Farm can help you out. The kit contains bedding and food. In addition, it’s fairly easy to use.

It can keep your worms happy and healthy throughout your fishing trips. However, the farm isn’t highly durable, and the lid might wear out quickly. So, you’ll have to be careful when using it.

Other than that, it’s a perfect product for any beginner or someone who goes on a lot of fishing trips.

We hope our Magic Worm Farm review helped you make the right decision. Have a good time fishing!

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